Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Baby teacher


              Once a up on time, there lived a mother mouse and the baby mouse. They went out to buy fruits and vegtables. The shopkeeper mouse was a bad mouse. But the two little mouse did not know about the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper mouse had a plan to steal the mother mouse 's bag. The two little mice went to shopping and the shopkeeper kept all the plans ready.

            The baby mouse liked the toys in the shop. The baby mouse eyes were on the toys. The baby mouse kept troubling mother to buy toys for him. When the mother mouse was talking to its baby, the shopkeeper stole the bag. The mother mouse did not see the bag stolen. After finishing the shopping she looked for her bag. The bag was lost. She asked the shopkeeper and he said that he saw the bag just now. But the mother did not believe the shopkeeper mouse. She checked all over the shop.

           The baby mouse saw another mouse stealing a watch from the shop. The baby mouse caught the jacket of the other mouse and started yelling "thief! thief!! thief!!!". The shopkeeper came runing and caught the thief and got back the watch.

           The shop keeper felt ashamed. Even the little mouse knew stealing is bad. He gave the bag to the mother mouse. The shopkeeper mouse never again stole anything .